Orthotics in Mississauga

Your feet are the foundation of the weight you carry. Your feet walk you through life.

If you have any foot problems like neuromas, high or low arches, plantar fasciitis or any other issue, your legs, knees are carrying more weight. Foot problems also increase inflammation.

Orthotics provide comfort your feet need. You may have standard off-the-shelf insoles (also called inserts) or custom made orthotics. We suggest paying attention to the following benefit orthotics provide compared to insoles before going for one fits all standard products

Custom orthotics are comfortable. They are designed for your feet. Not every clinic has experienced professionals, thus producing low-quality orthotics; however, if you care about your feet (and you should), we suggest you do your homework and find a good clinic for custom orthotics. Here at Mississauga Health and Wellness Center, we guarantee the highest quality and comfort for your feet.

Quality orthotics provide a higher level of comfort, pain relief, support, also correct pronation and supination.

Orthotics last up to five years, whereas insoles have 6-month life on average.

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