Car Accident Physiotherapy in Mississauga

After a car accident, you or your family members may need one or several types of treatment to rehabilitate and resume a healthy life as soon as possible.

Our team assists you through all the processes by creating a sophisticated program for you (physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, psychology etc.), also proceeds all the paperwork required to communicate with your car insurance company.


Why do you need to get a physiotherapy assessment after a car accident?

Because a car accident can result in numerous injuries, symptoms or psychological stress, and everybody should get a physiotherapy assessment.

Some injuries may manifest right after the accident; others can show symptoms over time. Try to deliver every piece of information to your therapist.

The most common injuries are:

  • Whiplash
  • Fracture
  • Strain or Sprains
  • Knee injury
  • Other joint injuries

If you leave these injuries untreated, the affected area will develop more severe conditions causing more pain and longer time for rehabilitation.

How do I pay for the physiotherapy after a car accident?

You or your family member who got injured during a car accident would have rights and entitlements based on their insurance policy and tort damages if the driver of another car deemed to be at fault. Your car insurance company pays for the physical, psychological and other injuries you got during the car accident. It is illegal to drive without car insurance in Ontario; thus, you are covered at all times.

Our FSCO license allows us  to bill insurance companies directly, so you come to us only to get treatments and get better, leaving the financial hassle for us.

Who does the paperwork?

Our staff at Mississauga Health and Wellness Center will learn about your case and contact your insurance company. All invoices, communication is done through our clinic—no need to worry about the paperwork when you are rehabilitating from a car accident.

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